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Let’s explore here the latest Nawah Energy Company Jobs. Here we are sharing with you the latest Nawah Careers in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Apply Nawah Energy Company Careers from the below list which we have updated on our website. At Nawah, they provide top local, regional, and international talent with a diverse, fast-paced, and dynamic environment where they can grow and develop.

Their employees hail from all walks of life, representing a range of different backgrounds, age groups, and experiences, with their workforce reflecting the UAE’s multicultural environment and the scale of this world-class program.

Nawah Energy Company Careers

Nawah currently employs some of the sharpest minds and most dynamic individuals from the nuclear industry and they are enabling all of their team members, whether they are seasoned professionals or fresh graduates, to gain the knowledge and experience they need to succeed and excel.

They are committed to developing the next generation of nuclear experts, by providing scholarship and training opportunities through our Energy Pioneers Program, to support our vision of becoming a globally recognized top nuclear operator.

About Nawah Energy Company

Established in 2016, Nawah Energy Company (Nawah) will operate and maintain Units 1 to 4 at the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, the first nuclear energy plant in the UAE and the region, located in the Al Dhafra Region, Abu Dhabi. Nawah, the world’s newest nuclear operator, will harness the power of nuclear energy to provide a safe, reliable, clean, and sustainable supply of low-carbon electricity to contribute to the UAE’s social and economic development and enhance the quality of life for generations to come.

With safety as its overriding priority, and in adherence to the highest international standards in the nuclear industry, Nawah will generate up to 5,600 megawatts of energy from the 4 units at Barakah, supplying approximately 25% of the UAE’s electricity requirements.

Nawah Energy Company Job Details

  • Company/Organization: Nawah Energy Company
    • Job Location: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
    • Nationality: Any
    • Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
    • Salary: Not Disclosed

List of Nawah Energy Company Jobs 2023

Job TitleLocation
Component EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Digital I&C EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Instrumentation EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Electrical Maintenance TechnicianAbu Dhabi, UAE
Equipment Reliability EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Commissioning Interface CoordinatorAbu Dhabi, UAE
Mechanical Maintenance TechnicianAbu Dhabi, UAE
Electrical Maintenance SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
ORCC Scheduling SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Maintenance TechnicianAbu Dhabi, UAE
ORCC Operations ManagerAbu Dhabi, UAE
NPI SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
NPI OfficerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Field Services OfficerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Operations Programs OfficerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Head of ContainmentAbu Dhabi, UAE
Mechanical EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Nuclear Risk Management EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Operations Training InstructorAbu Dhabi, UAE
Job Path LeadAbu Dhabi, UAE
Instrumentation Maintenance SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Operations Procedures ManagerAbu Dhabi, UAE
OperatorAbu Dhabi, UAE
Training Support ManagerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Emergency Preparedness SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Licensing EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Lead Operations Training InstructorAbu Dhabi, UAE
Design EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Administrative AssistantAbu Dhabi, UAE
Electrical EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Clearance WriterAbu Dhabi, UAE
Fuel Reliability EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Cost Control OfficerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Electrical Maintenance SupervisorAbu Dhabi, UAE
Fixed Assets AccountantAbu Dhabi, UAE
Fuel Handling TechnicianAbu Dhabi, UAE
Outage Technical Support LeadAbu Dhabi, UAE
Nuclear Specification EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Head of TaxAbu Dhabi, UAE
Head of InsuranceAbu Dhabi, UAE
SchedulerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Operations Procedure Writer OfficerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Maintenance Support SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Maintenance Planning SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Technical Training InstructorAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Emergency Preparedness Training EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Head of Licensing StrategyAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Containment SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Executive AssistantAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Emergency Preparedness EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Head of Technical TrainingAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Chemistry SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Training Compliance SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Outage Functional Program SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Principal System EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Scheduling SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Project CoordinatorAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Component EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Design EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Commissioning Oversight SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Electrical Maintenance SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Intervention SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Governance and Reporting SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior General Training SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Intervention SpecialistAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Maintenance MMIS TechnicianAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Licensing EngineerAbu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Mechanical Maintenance TechnicianAbu Dhabi, UAE

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