WhatsApp DND Mode

Whatsapp Rolling Out DND Mode 2022

Meta-owned WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature Do Not Disturb mode support for missed calls WhatsApp DND Mode.

Meta-owned WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature Do Not Disturb mode (WhatsApp DND Mode) support for missed calls. A report by WaBetaInfo said that the new feature is being rolled out for some beta testers via the WhatsApp beta.

Once the Do Not Disturb mode is released, the label ‘Silenced by Do Not Disturb’ will be seen by users. This piece of information will only be seen by the receiver and the caller. The person who had made the call on the phone that had switched on Do Not Disturb mode on WhatsApp will not know that the receiver had put the feature on.

Recently, WhatsApp reportedly tested a self-messaging feature that would allow you to send messages to yourself more easily. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is now testing some improvements for sending messages to yourself for some beta testers on its beta apps for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp is now conducting a small test by rolling out “messages with yourself” to a select group of beta testers following the release of the WhatsApp beta for the Android update.

Some beta testers found that WhatsApp is now highlighting that chat by adding “message yourself” as the chat caption after updating to the most recent version of the Android app, according to the report.

In this, WhatsApp has a new chat option called “Me (You)” that allows you to send messages to just yourself.

Meanwhile, you can still use WhatsApp to message yourself by using the wa.me (Click to Message link) or by creating a group in which you are the only participant.



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