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Saudi Aramco Careers: Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas groups published their latest job vacancies on the Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas website’s careers page. These jobs are located in Saudi. Getting these wonderful jobs requires a simple online application process only. All job seekers can apply directly to the company through the below links. Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas groups looking for enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players, who are passionate and enjoy the challenges of working for a rapidly growing global organization.

When we noticed the Gulf Job opportunity We were very happy to share it with job seekers, and you can get every detail regarding this job in this post and also you can check it on the company website too, and this is completely free recruitment (there is no any charge) there is no any agency as intermediate, and our website is not recruiting team, we are just publisher, do further things with your own responsibility. So we request job seekers, Please do thorough research before applying/attending any job interview through our website. We take utmost care while publishing jobs on this site. But please keep in mind that we are also humans, so sometimes mistakes or errors might have crept in unintentionally.

Saudi Aramco Careers 2022 Job Details

Company/OrganizationHotel NameSaudi Aramco Oil and Gas
Job LocationSaudi Arabia
EducationBachelor’s Degree/Diploma/Plus Two
Salary RangeNot Disclosed
BenefitsAttractive Salary, Accommodation, and others

About Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas

Saudi Aramco Careers: Saudi Aramco’s commitments across the worth chain help foster a lively energy area in Saudi Arabia while setting out solidness and freedom across the globe.
Settled in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Aramco follows its beginnings to 1933 when a Concession Agreement was marked that carried American geologists to Saudi Arabia. From that point forward, we have developed into the world’s driving energy and synthetics organization, driving worldwide trade and improving the day by day lives of individuals all throughout the planet.
From our demonstrated upstream abilities to our deliberately coordinated worldwide downstream organization, and our front line manageability innovations, we are one of a kind.
Experienced experts are looked for vocations with Aramco in Saudi Arabia. With positions in designing, geosciences, boring, training and then some, Aramco is continually searching for top ability to join the group.

Why Saudi Aramco Careers

From designing super ventures to making industry-changing advances to dispatching creative new items, we have consistently had a steady drive to prevail by expanding the long haul, positive effects we empower from our assets.

  • Fadhili Gas Plant
    Fadhili is the principal plant to treat non-related gas from both coastal and seaward fields, and Fadhili is the main Saudi Aramco plant planned from the begin to utilize Tail Gas Treatment, permitting it to accomplish a sulfur recuperation of over 99.9%.
    Presently at 98% of task consummation, the FGP is as of now handling up to 1.5 billion scfd of gas from two separate fields — the seaward Hasbah field, and the coastal Khursaniyah field. Inside the following not many months Fadhili will arrive at full limit, and as a feature of the organization’s Master Gas System (MGS) will assist with fulfilling the Kingdom’s developing need for energy.
    ● 4 IR Center
    Our 4IR Center (4IRC) is 2,500 square meters committed to development and investigating forefront innovation
    The cutting edge AI center point is ringed by a huge sunken screen that shows more than 20 operational arrangements, zeroed in on creating progressed investigation and AI arrangements. The UAV space exhibits operational employments of air, ground, and submerged robots that help flare stack examination, or methane gas identification.
    The VR Zone is utilized to create and prepare administrators. Through expanded reality and augmented reality, they can get a live feeling of the plant insight from a recreation corner.

Saudi Aramco CareersVacancy Details

Dear job seekers, You can available vacancies below in this paragraph, just check it, if there are any vacancies matched to your profile, you can check the eligibility criteria and go-ahead to apply below-mentioned link, and also you can connect with recruiting team to know your resume status, and you will get a reply only if you are shortlisted by the Human Resources department of Saudi Aramco Careers, and wish you to have bright future from this job.

Post   NameJob   Req IDLocation Department
Non-Destructive   Testing (NDT) Engineer1299Saudi   ArabiaInspection   Department
Group   Leader, Chemicals Financial Analysis1858Saudi Arabia
Engineering   specialist4013Saudi ArabiaEXPEC Advanced   Research Center
Project   Engineer6476Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Advanced   Process Control Engineer6490Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Process   Automation Network Cybersecurity Engineer6497Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Scheduling   Engineer6431Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Downstream   Corrosion Engineer6410Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Corporate   Historian4251Saudi ArabiaCorporate   Communication Dept
Analyzer   Engineer6412Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Reliability   Engineer6482Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Turnaround   & Inspection Engineer6466Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Senior   Research Geologist3920Saudi ArabiaEXPEC Advanced   Research Center
Process   Safety Engineer6440Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Compressor   Specialist Engineer6426Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Root Cause   Analysis Specialist6486Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Process   Engineer – Hydrocracker6421Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Mechanical   Stationary Equipment Engineer6433Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Engineer3927Saudi ArabiaEXPEC Advanced   Research Center
Senior   Network Architect7321Saudi Arabia
Geoscientist7322Saudi ArabiaExplor   Applications Svcs Dept
Business   Development Specialist1742Saudi Arabia
Well Testing   Engineer6047Saudi Arabia
Stable   Isotope Geochemistry Specialist4001Saudi ArabiaEXPEC Advanced   Research Center
Gas   Reservoir Management Specialist6051Saudi Arabia
Primary   Elementary TeacherSaudi Arabia
Reserves   Specialist5394Saudi Arabia
Petrophysicist6064Saudi Arabia
Investment   Analysis Specialist – Petrochemicals6056Saudi Arabia
Petroleum   Engineering Systems Specialist1606Saudi ArabiaPortfolio &   Decision Support Dept
Exploration   Systems Specialist4049Saudi ArabiaPet Engrg Appli   Svcs Dept
Oil   Reservoir Management Engineer4040Saudi ArabiaExplor   Applications Svcs Dept
Flow   Assurance Engineer6041Saudi Arabia
Facilities   Engineering Specialist6046Saudi Arabia
Petroleum   Economics Specialist6053Saudi Arabia
Talent   Management Business Partner6065Saudi Arabia
Gas   Reservoir Management Engineer8027Saudi ArabiaUpstream Business   Support Dept
Reservoir   Simulation Engineer6044Saudi Arabia
Well   Completion Specialist6048Saudi Arabia
Artificial   Lift Specialist6052Saudi Arabia
Speechwriter6054Saudi Arabia
Oil   Reservoir Management Specialist3574Saudi ArabiaCorporate   Communication Dept
Intermediate   Elementary Teacher6049Saudi Arabia
Gas   Production Engineer5399Saudi Arabia
Plant   Corrosion Engineer6541Saudi ArabiaNorthern Area   Production Engrg Dept
Pipeline   Corrosion Engineer7360Saudi ArabiaN. A. Technical   Support Dept
Oil   Production Engineer7361Saudi ArabiaN. A. Technical   Support Dept
Gas Lift   Engineer6543Saudi ArabiaNorthern Area   Production Engrg Dept
Rigless Well   Interventions Operations Engineer6542Saudi ArabiaNorthern Area   Production Engrg Dept
Field   Compliance Coordinator6627Saudi ArabiaNA Well Completion   Operations Dept
Chemical Process Engineer6356Saudi ArabiaRas Tanura   Producing Dept
Field   Rotating Equipment Engineer7411Saudi ArabiaNA Gas Producing   Dept
Control   System Engineer6355Saudi ArabiaRas Tanura   Producing Dept
Maintenance   Planner7634Saudi ArabiaNA Gas Producing   Dept
Vibration   Engineer7639Saudi ArabiaNA Gas Producing   Dept
Gas   Facilities Planning Engineer940Saudi ArabiaConsulting   Services Department
Asset   Economist (Refinery Planning Economist)819Saudi ArabiaFacilities   Planning Department
Infrastructure   Facilities Planning Engineer1761Saudi ArabiaF&L Business   Optimization Dept
Crude   Processing Engineer827Saudi ArabiaFacilities   Planning Department
Downstream   Speechwriter1321Saudi ArabiaProcess &   Control Systems Dept
Attorney2217Saudi ArabiaDownstream   Business Support Dept
Maintenance   Engineer1779Saudi Arabia
Automation   & Power Facilities Planning Engineer2647Saudi ArabiaMechanical Svcs   Shops Dept
Maintenance   Engineer824Saudi ArabiaFacilities   Planning Department
Cost   Engineer2642Saudi ArabiaMechanical Svcs   Shops Dept
Petroleum   Engineer6432Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Engineer6082Saudi Arabia
Renewables   Power Engineering Specialist5531Saudi Arabia
Prog   Dev&Eval Analyst II7571Saudi ArabiaRenewables Dept
Sr Ind   Skills Trainer8478Saudi Arabia
Non-Metallic   Engineer7923Saudi ArabiaFire Protection   Dept
Renewables   Transaction Specialist6484Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Maintenance   Engineer7575Saudi ArabiaRenewables Dept
Contract   Engineer6436Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Environmental   Engineer6430Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Water   Treatment Engineer6489Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Nonmetallic   EngineerSaudi Arabia
Robotics and   Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Engineer1289Saudi ArabiaProcess &   Control Systems Dept
Oil   Facilities Planning Engineer937Saudi ArabiaConsulting   Services Department
Pipelines,   Distribution & Terminals Facilities Planning Engineer1298Saudi ArabiaInspection   Department
Offshore or   Onshore Geotechnical Engineer822Saudi ArabiaFacilities   Planning Department
Transport   Technology Process Engineer818Saudi ArabiaFacilities   Planning Department
Industrial   Designer939Saudi ArabiaConsulting   Services Department
Lead IT   Auditor3476Saudi ArabiaResearch & Dev   Center Department
Project   Engineer1744Saudi Arabia
Protection   Engineer1002Saudi ArabiaFunctional Audits   Dept
Turnaround   & Inspection Planner7712Saudi ArabiaPower Systems   Engineering Dept
Project   Engineer7715Saudi ArabiaPower Systems   Engineering Dept
Field   Engineer Support6468Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Data   Scientist Engineer7713Saudi ArabiaPower Systems   Engineering Dept
Instrument   and Control System Engineer7718Saudi ArabiaPower Systems   Engineering Dept
Process   Engineer7102Saudi ArabiaGO Technical   Support & Planning Dept
Senior   Inspector Engineer7103Saudi ArabiaGO Technical   Support & Planning Dept
Rotating   Equipment Engineer7104Saudi ArabiaUthmaniyah Gas   Plant Dept
Reliability   Engineer7105Saudi ArabiaShedgum Gas Plant   Dept
Process   Engineer7106Saudi ArabiaShedgum Gas Plant   Dept
Corrosion   Engineer7107Saudi ArabiaHawiyah NGL   Recovery Plant Dept
Turnaround   and Inspection Engineer7108Saudi ArabiaHawiyah Gas Plant   Department
Rotating   Equipment Engineer6535Saudi ArabiaHaradh Gas Plant   Dept
Process   Safety Engineer7043Saudi ArabiaWasit Gas Plant   Dept
Instrumentation Engineer7137Saudi ArabiaShaybah NGL   Recovery Plant Dept
Civil   Structural Engineer7272Saudi Arabia
Control   System Engineer7042Saudi ArabiaBerri Gas Plant   Dept
Cost   Engineer7415Saudi Arabia
Energy   Storage Engineer7809Saudi ArabiaN. A. Technical   Support Dept
Advanced ITC   Teacher8870Saudi Arabia
Data   Architect Specialist8251Saudi Arabia
Capital   Program and Budget Planner4443Saudi ArabiaAcademic Programs   & Partnerships Dept
Senior   Counsel1734Saudi Arabia
Industrial   Designer821Saudi ArabiaFacilities   Planning Department
Fuel Cells   Expert1437Saudi Arabia
Financial   Rep I8250Saudi Arabia
Planning   & Performance Management Analyst8249Saudi Arabia
Advanced ITC   Teacher5865Saudi Arabia
Field Safety   Advisor5952Saudi Arabia
Financial   Rep I5958Saudi ArabiaAcademic Programs   & Partnerships Dept
Engineer8078Saudi ArabiaGas Facilities   Projects Dept
Scheduling   Engineer5903Saudi Arabia
Financial   Rep I5522Saudi Arabia
Scheduling   Engineer8080Saudi ArabiaJafurah Gas   Projects Dept
Contracts   Advisor5866Saudi Arabia
Contracts   Advisor8082Saudi ArabiaDistribution &   Terminal Projects Dept
Scheduling   Engineer8163Saudi ArabiaPipeline Projects   Dept
Field Safety   Advisor8088Saudi ArabiaZuluf Increment   Projects Dept
Field Safety   Advisor8154Saudi ArabiaAMIRAL Program   Department
Cost Engineer8162Saudi ArabiaPipeline Projects   Dept
Field Safety   Advisor8156Saudi ArabiaRefining & NGL   Projects Dept
Contracts   Advisor8160Saudi ArabiaPipeline Projects   Dept
Field Safety   Advisor8079Saudi ArabiaJafurah Gas   Projects Dept
Contracts   Advisor8241Saudi Arabia
Scheduling   Engineer8152Saudi ArabiaAMIRAL Program   Department
Field Safety   Advisor8155Saudi ArabiaAMIRAL Program   Department
Petroleum   Economics Specialist8157Saudi ArabiaRefining & NGL   Projects Dept
Contracts   Advisor8081Saudi ArabiaTanajib Gas Plant   Projects Dept
Scheduling   Engineer7172Saudi ArabiaUpstream Dev   Strategy & Reserves Dept
Scheduling   Engineer8153Saudi ArabiaAMIRAL Program   Department
Field Safety   Advisor8161Saudi ArabiaPipeline Projects   Dept
Scheduling   Engineer8158Saudi ArabiaAMIRAL Program   Department
Reserves   Specialist8240Saudi Arabia
Cost   Engineer8108Saudi ArabiaSpecial Kingdom   Projects Dept
Cost   Engineer7173Saudi ArabiaUpstream Dev   Strategy & Reserves Dept
Financial   Analyst8089Saudi ArabiaZuluf Increment   Projects Dept
Planning and   Performance Management Analyst8242Saudi Arabia
Material   Advisor6996Saudi Arabia
Personal   Assistant6499Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Machine   Learning Engineer6506Saudi ArabiaGlobal   Manufacturing Support Dept
Linear   Programming Modeling Engineer1424Saudi ArabiaOffice Services   Dept
HR   Coordinator1808Saudi ArabiaDigital Customer   Relations Mgmt Dept
Financial   Controller3623Saudi ArabiaOil Supply   Planning & Sched Dept
Transaction   Execution & Development Specialist4408Saudi ArabiaNational Maritime   Champion

Important Instructions Saudi Aramco Careers Job Vacancy 2022

If you are interested to apply for the job position at Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas, please submit the following documents while submitting an online application and when you attend the pre-selection interview of Saudi Aramco Careers:

  • Updated CV
  • Original passport Copy with minimum 1-year validity and a copy with the previous visa (If any)
  • Highest educational degree certificate
  • Work experience certificated related to the job (minimum 2 years in )
  • Recently taken passport size a full-size color photographs
  • Academic certificates & job-related training certificates a work experience

HOW TO APPLY –Saudi Aramco Careers 2022

All candidates are requested to please take a few minutes to set up Their profile by visiting the following link below. once you click on the apply button, it will redirect you to the career page of the concerned job provider once the HR department of this company has received your CV, the recruitment team will review it thoroughly and you will get back to you if you are shortlisted. Below is the list of Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Jobs, any individuals can apply as per meeting the criteria given

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